Digital Minilab


  Do you know you can become rich by owning a new Digital Photo lab or converting your analogue lab to digital?   
  • Do you know that more than a quarter of GSM  subscribers use camera phones?
  • Do you know that the number of digital & analogue photo cameras in the country is uncountable?
  •  There is no doubt that photography is now one of the most popular hobbies all over the world.

You can make big money by setting up a Digital Photo Lab or converting your existing Analogue Lab to Digital today

Start printing pictures for the multitudes of amateur and professional Photographers in the country and recover your investment in a matter of months and  reap bountiful profits for many more years.

We are sole distributors of Prismlab Digital Photo processing machines in West Africa and can help you actualize your multi-millionaire dreams.

Features of Prismlab Digital Photo Lab:

  • Prints photos from all digital media e.g digital cameras, GSM camera phones, DVD/CD, Internet Files, all memory cards
  • Prints from all Analogue Cameras/Film negatives
  • Uses the same cheap, conventional or traditional photo printing papers, chemicals and other consumables as Analogue Labs
  • Prints in rich colour, gray scale, antique, black & white
  • Prints from passport size photographs to the highest enlargement sizes
  • Incorporates cutting edge photo editing softwares
  • All machines are sold with one year warranty
  • Spare parts are available

All machines are installed, commissioned and maintained by our resident, expatriate Engineers from Prismlab.

Contact us today:

Enquiries:   +(234) 08065913000;  08051479757; 08050907680