The Movies and Photography department has been responsible for provision or establishment and operation of our several digital photo labs across the country.

We are fast emerging as an irresistible player in West Africa photo finishing industry. Our company is gaining recognition and patronage from numerous customers including government, Schools, Banks, and the generality of Nigerians in need of quality photo services.

Using the best mini lab technologies from Kodak and Shangai Yiying Digital Equipment Co., Ltd, which is supported by US Prismlab and Shanghai Tianma photograph instrument Mfg. Co., Ltd, our photo labs can print pictures from virtually all digital and analogue media such as MS, CF, SD, CD, MMC, XD, 135 Negative, APS, 135 Positive etc with colour/black and white photo options.  The department also stocks and sells movie and still picture equipment and accessories e.g. Cameras, Camcorders, Steady Tripods, Professional Lenses, Red Head Light, Headsets, Microphones, Editing Desk, Photo Frames, Vision Mixers, Steadicam Systems, Professional Bags etc.

Our services cover:-

Film Development
We process all kinds of photo films of any kind and size.


Photo Finishing
Enlargement of Pictures
We have a modern enlarger capable of producing any size of different types of pictures in better quality than the specimen.
Studio Operation
We operate one of the best-equipped studio photography services in town. Our studio boasts of modern photography equipment in a comfortable environment. In addition, we cover out-doors engagements within the country.
Sales of Films and Photo Related Materials
We sell at our front desk the best quality of photo-related materials to our customers at a subsidized rate. Our sales team are very friendly.


This unit provides supplies, installation and maintenance services in the area of ICT.  At present, the company serves as local agents / representatives for some reputable oversea manufacturers of quality ICT products but hopes to go into partnership with interested foreign investors in the near future to manufacture the products locally.  The West Afican market where we operate has a big appetite for ICT related goods and services which has remained largely unseated.  Our products now selling at the most competitive prices will get even cheaper when we open manufacturing facilities locally.


The company provides a wide range of Home and Office Security devices.  We offer all round security package, day and night security cameras, walk through and hand held metal detectors, heavy duty bag scanners, intruder control lights/alarms, stun guns, animal simulators and devices that can enable you watch the happenings in your home or office from any part of the world.  Recently, we have added anti-car theft and vehicle tracking instruments to our arsenal of personal and property protection devices.